To all Ropewalks Residents – New Year Message 2016

Posted By Peter / January, 25, 2016

Dear All,

Happy New Year!

Another eventful year has come to a close. And it was another challenging but good year for the Ropewalks!

Our group has gathered even more momentum, more residents than ever are involved and are happy to sacrifice their time to make a difference – and it shows:

The REST Centre has been opened for a first (successful) Summer, the bin/ rubbish situation is being tackled, co-operation between local bars and residents has never been better (although there are still exceptions…), licences have been supported which brought truly innovative and exciting concepts to the Ropewalks, we contributed to this year’s Purple Flag re-accreditation process and the consultation surrounding St Luke’s future and many many day-to-day issues have been sorted with and for local residents and other stakeholders. We can be proud.

But we could never accomplish all of this without our many partners and supporters – including local Ward Councillors, Liverpool CC officers, Merseyside Police, FACT and many more. Thank you!

Let’s make 2016 another memorable year – pushing on our defined priorities and other worthwhile initiatives for the area:

– Continue supporting local residents on a day-to-day basis and working closely with other local stakeholders (incl. Liverpool CC, Merseyside Police, etc.)
– Further pushing improvements to the Ropewalks Traffic Order
– See the REST Centre become a permanent fixture to Liverpool’s support network for street drinkers
– Schedule more community events (such as the Ropewalks Litter Pick (next one planned for February/ March 2016))
– Further improve Arthouse Square, once the new leaseholders have moved in
– Continue our work with stakeholders around Wolstenholme Square, following the closures of Kazimier & Cream
– Working with Liverpool CC to improve Recycling facilities in the Ropewalks and City Centre
– Continue our work at grassroots level and attract even more active members and continue to foster our local network and relationships

Thanks in advance and let’s have a productive and positive year 2016 – making the Ropewalks an EVEN better place to live, work and play.

Best regards,

Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association

Last Ropewalks Residents’ Association Meeting Minutes (19th Nov 2015)

Posted By Peter / January, 24, 2016

Dear residents & friends,

Please click here for the Minutes of the meeting held on 19th November 2015.

If you have any additional comments/ changes, please just get in touch on

The next meeting is scheduled for Thurs. 18/2/16 at 10am in FACT.

Thanks and best regards,

Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association

Have your say on the future of St Luke’s Church (Bombed-out Church)

Posted By Peter / September, 13, 2015

Dear fellow residents & friends,

Please participate in the public consultation surrounding the future of St Luke’s (Bombed-out Church). Click here to participate:

We hope that the Bombed-out Church will re-open for the public soon – run by whoever can create a community-focussed, positive, sustainable and respectful (towards the heritage of the building & the surrounding community) event programme.

Thanks for your participation.

Best regards,

Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association