Last Ropewalks Residents’ Association Meeting Minutes (16th February 2017) – Next meeting: 21st June (10am @ FACT)

By Peter / April, 18, 2017

Dear residents & friends,

Please click the link below for the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th February 2017:

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The next meeting will take place on: TBC.

In regards to one of our strategic objectives, to improve the local traffic management, we can now confirm, that:
– The traffic order on Argyle Street (opposite John Lewis) has been restructured successfully;
– Following years of lobbying, a wider review of the public realm (repairs to streets, pavements, bollards, etc.) and traffic order in the Ropewalks has now commenced and we are being consulted as we speak;
– A Zebra crossing on Duke Street (corner Colquitt Street) has been confirmed for implementation in the near future.

Great results, demonstrating again what a positive community effort and collaborative working can contribute and achieve!

Please drop us a message if you want to get involved or be kept informed about what’s happening in the Ropewalks.

Thanks and best regards,

Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association