Last Ropewalks Residents’ Association Meeting Minutes (2nd May 2018) – Next meeting (CHANGE!): 13th September @ 10am (Royal Institution, 24 Colquitt Street)

By Peter / July, 31, 2018

Dear residents & friends,

Please click the link below for the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd May 2018:

If you have any additional comments/ changes, please just get in touch on
The next meeting will take place on: 13th September @ 10am (Royal Institution, 24 Colquitt Street).

In related news, we are proud to have attended (and effectively co-hosted, via our role on the Ropewalks CIC) the first Ropewalks Summit, bringing together stakeholders and relevant agencies & organisations to discuss issues and ideas for the area. The session took place on 21st May and focussed on matters surrounding 1) anti-social behaviour, security and litter, as well as 2) green spaces, highways and art projects. Everyone pledged their support (within their area of expertise and responsibility) and we sincerely hope, that this session helped raise the awareness of local issues and campaigns and make the Ropewalks even better to work, live and play in. Thanks to everyone for attending and contributing!

Even in light of adversity (incl recent tragic events in the Ropewalks), we are continuously demonstrating what positive community effort and collaborative working can contribute and achieve. Together with our partners and friends, let’s continue to make 2018 another positive year of progress for the community.

Please drop us a message if you want to get involved or be kept informed about what’s happening in the Ropewalks.

Thanks and best regards,

Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association