Get involved: Proposed ‘Shared Garden’ Scheme

Posted By Peter / October, 6, 2011

Dear Residents,

a brand-new inititive has come to our attention and we thought we shoudl share it with you: A ‘Shared Garden’ Scheme!

It involves bringing together people without gardens who would like an allotment or somewhere to grow veg and flowers, with people who have a garden but are unable to maintain them.

It occurred to the initiators of this scheme that in Riverside we have:

1. A considerable number of residents without gardens – notably in Ropewalks and on the waterfront.
2. A considerable number of older residents, mainly in the north of the Dingle, who are unable to maintain their gardens.

The scheme would match the two, so that those wishing to share a garden would be able to grow veg in the plot in return for maintaining the garden. Southern Neighbourhood Council – a community group in north Dingle – are interested in the idea. Until recently they ran a gardening scheme whereby older residents’ gardens were maintained by long term unemployed on an employment programme. This was funded by the Future Jobs Fund, which has now been abolished, but they would be keen to help a ‘Shared Garden’ scheme.

We believe that apart from the practical benefits, it would be a good way of bringing together different groups in the community and be good for the pensioners involved.

If you feel like wanting to know more about this scheme, please be in touch on or go through the ‘Contact’ page above.

Thank you and best regards,
The Ropewalks Residents’ Association


Posted By Peter / September, 20, 2011


PAVEMENT painters, street entertainers, in-store promotions, live music and a craft fair await those
who visit Bold Street for one very special weekend this September. The annual Bold Street Festival,
organised by traders and City Central BID, is back bigger and better than ever before with
entertainment for all on one of Liverpool’s hippest shopping streets.

Celebrating its fourth year, the 2011 edition will span not just one day but two – on September 24 and
25 – to give everyone more time to explore the colours and energy and indulge in foods and crafts that
will stretch the whole street. Even St. Luke’s Church is boasting its own secrets in preparation for this
upcoming event!

Following on from last year’s success, there will be masses of stalls as well as an art market and vintage
fair at Leaf Tea Shop and yet another Guinness World Record attempt at the world’s smallest nightclub.
How can you possibly get any smaller than 2010’s wardrobe with a DJ booth inside? Come down and
find out!

Cafés, restaurants, bars and shops will supply you with fantastic offers, discounts and freebies so you
can sup on a pint or two with your new tote bag over your shoulder whilst you watch live bands on the
outdoor stages.

On Sunday there will be a full road closure for street entertainment and the return of James Carling’s
international pavement art competition.

Mandy Vere, of News from Nowhere Bookshop, said: “We’re delighted to be part of the festival. It’s a
chance for the eclectic, creative and vibrant shops and cafes to really put Bold Street on the map.

Liverpool is lucky to have a unique street like Bold Street and it’s our way of giving something back to
the community, by putting on a bit of razzmatazz as the summer draws to a close.”

Ged Gibbons, Chief Executive of City Central BID, said: ‘’The Bold Street Festival is a very special
event and to have it over two days will simply double the fun for everyone. Its programme perfectly
captures the street’s bohemian spirit and has a great European vibe which families love. or

All new Ropewalks Residents’ Forum

Posted By Peter / August, 23, 2011

Good morning fellow residents,

just a brief update on recent activity:
– Work has concluded on the Smoking Area of Aloha Bar (Colquitt Street) and we hope that a difference can be spotted in relation to noise escaping from this outside area. Please feel free to feed back to us via the website’s ‘Contact’ form. Thanks to Aloha for the good cooperation in this respect!
– Lago Bar experienced a few issues recently on which basis residents petitioned against an extension application of their license to 4am (every day of the week). A Licensing Sub-Committee will be held by Liverpool CC shortly to discuss the concerns and agree a way forward.
– More work is ongoing in relation to general networking with businesses around, as well as residents. Also the use of key public Squares in our area (such as Artshouse & St Peters Square) will become a bigger focus in the near future.
– Last but not least, feedback from Liverpool CC to residents suggests that the One-Way Street (Seel Street) has every chance of remaining ‘one way’ after more than 200 positive responses were received by LCC before the deadline in July this year. Well done for everyone who supported our case! It will now be a matter of adjusting it to also suit the individuals concerned with some of its effect, which we will support as much as we can – as long as it stays ‘one way’.

Most importantly in today’s update…:
An Invitation for our first ever Ropewalks Residents’ Forum!

As time goes on, we are becoming more mature as an organisation… So this invitation is the logical next step: We are staging our first ever local Ropewalks Residents’ Forum – a regular get-together aimed solely at residents of the area.

Unlike our monthly meeting with relevant agencies such as the Police, Environmental Health, Licensing, etc., this new forum is structured to pick up and discuss all concerns/ ideas or residents in a very open, inclusive and friendly environment and will be hosted centrally in the Ropewalks at convenient times for most of us (mostly evenings).

Points raised will then be taken forward to the already existing monthly meeting for discussion and feedback. This way we hope to hear residents’ concerns even better and have a more effective loop of communication between the relevant people. To ensure transparency and accountability, an agenda and minutes will be available as usual.

So please let us invite you to our first get together on Friday 02nd September from 6.30-8.00pm @ FACT. We hope this time is convenient for you. Please let us know if you intend to come along via the ‘Contact’ form on our website – and obviously feel free to encourage more of your fellow residents to join too! (Registration via website ‘Contact’ form is necessary to allow sufficient planning, etc. – thanks!)

Thanks and best regards,