To share with friends: Liverpool Time Lapse

Posted By Peter / August, 1, 2011

We just came across the below…unfortunately too few snippets of the Ropewalks but still very nice for everyone who loves Liverpool…  Tim, great work – but we would appreciate a second version of the Ropewalks please!

LIVERPOOL TIME LAPSE City in Minutes from Tim Francis on Vimeo.


Latest Update on Residents’ Association Activities

Posted By Peter / July, 5, 2011

It has been 2 weeks since our last post and a lot is happening in the Ropewalks!

After meeting with the representatives of the licencee group at the 17th June, good progress was made establishing links both with businesses/ night economy premises (e.g. Tapas Tapas Restaurant, Aloha Bar, etc.) as well as more residents within the Ropewalks (e.g. the Tea Factory development). Our network grows, and with it our availability to sort issues out for our residents directly and effectively.

Over the next few days, representatives from all parties involved will meet with MEL (Research Consultants hired by Liverpool City Council) to discuss their views on the implementation of the Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP). For more information on the CIP, please see separate News item on this site frrom the beginning of June. If you have not had the chance to voice your views yet, please do so by contacting us via this website (under ‘Contact’).

Last but not least, our next monthly Ropewalks Residents’ Association meeting will take place on Thursday 07th July 2011. If you would like to get involved in the future, please contact us directly and we arrange to have a chat and share thoughts and ideas – the same if you wish to receive our regular e-mail update newsletter in the future.

Thanks and best regards,
The Ropewalks Residents’ Association


First Meeting with Chair of Licencee Group

Posted By Peter / June, 19, 2011

While residents of the Ropewalks Area seem to become more and more engaged with what we and other local organisations such as ‘Engage Liverpool’ are trying to do, we are continuing our work for the area and its residents…

On Friday 17th June, a group of representatives from Liverpool Vision, Engage Liverpool, the Ropewalks Residents’ Association and the Licencee Group (representing the night economy in the Ropewalks area) met at The Peacocks (Seel Street) to kick-start a series of constructive meetings, looking into the future and future challenges of Ropewalks. Focus of this first meeting was to build a direct relationship between the residents and local licencees, and to discuss any potential ‘wrong perceptions’ that might have built up over the last few months.

All sides believe that it was a successful meeting and that the series should be continued ASAP… We shall keep you informed!

Please also don’t forget to fill in the forms in the news item below for both Seel Street and ther Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) and e-mail to .

Thanks and best regards,
The Ropewalks Residents’ Association

PS: What can be achieved when residents and the night economy work together can be observed at Lago Bar on Seel Street…a few weeks ago there still were massive issues observed between residents and Lago, but after careful collaboration all issues were tackled and no further complaints received… Thanks to everyone involved!