Ropewalks Street Scene Improvements (& Action Plan)

By Peter / May, 23, 2013

Dear fellow residents and friends!

You might have noticed… Good news! Liverpool CC reacted to our pleas and conducted a significant Street Scene Improvement exercise throughout January this year, tackling Trade & Reasidential waste issues, fly tipping, broken street furniture, etc.

This comprehensive presentation gives you an idea of the details of this scheme – incl before & after pictures… Very impressive! (Additional information are also in our February meeting minutes!).

Click here to download the presentation.

A letter written by our Association, commending the good work, was put to the Mayor of Liverpool too!

Going forward we’d like residents to be vigilant and report any of the above directly to the relevant team within Liverpool City Council. The contact is:

Alternatively just drop us an e-mail on

Thanks and best regards,
Chair of the Ropewalks Residents’ Association